Found Poem

All text taken from The Summer Book by Tove Jansson.  I wanted to make a poem about Donimo from The Summer Book, it being a favourite book for both of us. I was quite amazed when I reread it how many words and phrases jumped out at me and spoke to me about Domino – […]

A year without my Donimo

These are two images I drew as this first year came to a close. They are part of a series I’ve been posting on Instagram (@sarah_leav). I usually include words in my comics but when I made these it felt like I didn’t have any. Ideally I would want these two pages to be read […]

Remembering Donimo

April 21st, 2021 I drove out to Ruth Lake this afternoon, just a year since Donimo left us. I wanted to remember her in the place she loved… and see if I can still find her there… The day was much like it was last year, grey and cloudy. The ice a bit further off […]

Donimo’s ethical will

Today some of us in Donimo’s immediate care circle gathered at her grave to mark one year since her passing by MAiD. Her partner Sarah suggested we create a collective “ethical will” for D. An ethical will is the legacy of values, experiences and lessons passed on by a person to their family and community. […]

Last night

Last night I spent some quiet time remembering you. I made a batch of that chocolate pudding recipe you shared with me more than 10 years ago. I stirred in some marshmallows, instead of butter, for more “richness” and added another marshmallow for garnish. I knew you wouldn’t approve, but you would have smiled knowing […]

One Year On

As the cherry blossom comes out again, I miss you. I miss discussing words and deep thinking with you. I miss appreciating beauty and sharing small daily sustenance. There have been so many moments this year I wanted to tell you about, get your thoughts on, laugh or cry about with you. Nothing can stay the same. I see myself changing. I feel you alongside me, as well as the space you have left.

Winter Solstice

On this short dark day eight months since you died I remember the light that you had inside you light so incredible I was basking, blessed I turn in this lonely darkness to search for the light within me that you saw there and loved now I must blow on the embers cajole the glow […]